Administrative law, Energy and Environmental

DDPV assists private and public entities in the following public sectors:

  • Public procurement contracts (PPC);
  • public works and service concessions;
  • town planning;
  • transport and distribution of electricity and natural gas, water and postal services;
  • environmental law, including the assistance in connection with the authorization procedures related to the creation of industrial and discharge plants, water purification systems as well as the safety and land-improvement of polluted sites;
  • implementation, management and sales of windmills, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, and other non-conventional energy production plants;
  • expropriation procedures.

DDPV assists its clients in litigations before the Italian and EU administrative tribunals in the above areas.

Antitrust and Competition

DDPV assists its clients in connection with antitrust investigations of the EC commission and the Italian Antitrust Authority (IAA) for alleged violations of articles 101 and/or 102 TFEU (i.e. agreements against competition, abuse of dominant position) or articles 2 and 3 of Italian Antitrust law.

DDPV Antitrust department also assists clients in appeal proceedings against the EC Commission and IAA antitrust decisions before the lower and higher domestic and European Courts (TAR, Consiglio di Stato, EU General Court and Court of Justice) as well as in antitrust private enforcement litigations and litigations concerning the abuse of economic dependence.

DDPV also has a vast experience in the drafting and submission of merger filings before the national antitrust authorities (also multijurisdictional filings) and the European Commission (CO and RS forms) as well as in antitrust audit-compliance programs (antitrust compliance and audit) and state aid issues.

Banking & Finance

DDPV mainly advises investment funds, industrial clients, banks and financial institutions with respect to the full spectrum of banking and financial transactions, such as financing agreements, syndicated loans, guarantee agreements, security packages, letters of credit, project and structured finance transactions, and securitisation. In particular, DDPV assists its clients in the structuring and launch of structured securities, derivative warrants and structured bonds.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

DDPV has a vast experience in relation to the different bankruptcy, insolvency and debt restructuring procedures provided under Italian law, including assistance concerning all legal and procedural steps underlying said procedures. DDPV also provides qualified assistance in the drafting of composition with creditor plans (“piani di concordato preventivo”) and in the transfer of assets to creditors and/or third parties under the different types of insolvency proceedings.

Commercial agreements

DDPV assists its clients in the negotiation and drafting of all types of commercial agreements such as: supply, work and distribution agreements as well as concessions, agency, franchising and leasing agreements.

Consumer protection  

DDPV has extensive experience in assisting undertakings in investigations of the Italian Antitrust Authority concerning alleged violation of the Consumer Protection Act and/or of the national provisions, which forbid misleading advertising and vexatious clauses.

Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions

DDPV assists its national and international clients, including several private investment funds, in connection with every step (from the preliminary stages up to post-closing activities) of their Italian extraordinary corporate transactions such as:

  • Mergers, demergers, share/quota and asset deals;
  • corporate restructurings and reorganizations.

DDPV corporate team also has extensive experience in the incorporation of Italian companies, branch offices and representative offices as well as in the negotiation and drafting of shareholders agreements, put & call options and joint ventures. DDPV also advises its clients on corporate governance issues and matters.

Intellectual Property

DDPV assists clients in protecting, enforcing and safeguarding their IP rights before the competent Courts, with particular reference to trademarks, licenses and patents, industrial patterns, ornamental designs and patterns, copyright and software protection.

DDPV also assists clients in the drafting and negotiation of agreements regarding the assignment, transfer, licensing and distribution of industrial and intellectual property rights.

Labor Law

DDPV notably advises in the following sectors:

  • Labor law aspects relating to extraordinary corporate transactions (e.g. transfer of businesses or corporate reorganizations), including negotiations with unions and drafting of relevant agreements with the same;
  • individual and collective dismissal procedures, including the drafting of relevant settlement agreements or agreements for termination by mutual consent;
  • examination of compliance of the multinationals Codes of Conduct with Italian legislation;
  • negotiating and drafting employment, consulting, collaboration, agency contracts and service agreements;
  • as to managers and other top executives, negotiating and drafting of stock option, remuneration and incentive/performance plans;
  • negotiating and drafting of confidentiality agreements and non-competition agreements.

DDPV assists its clients in litigations before the Italian Labor Courts in the above areas.

 Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

DDPV advises mainly in the following sectors:

  • Development, registration – authorization, manufacturing, commercialization, of pharmaceutical products;
  • manufacturing consents, health and safety, product liability and environmental risk, toxic tort claims and corporate social responsibility;
  • clinical trial agreements, regulatory and marketing approval processes, reviewing developments, strategies to counteract parallel imports within the EU, getting clearance for borderline products and challenging regulatory bodies


DDPV assists its clients in commercial, civil and administrative litigation proceedings (also before the Italian higher civil and administrative Courts) as well as in national and international arbitrations and ADR proceedings.

Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications

DDVP assists domestic and international groups, which operate in the fields of the various television broadcasting platforms, production and distribution of AV products, advertising, merchandising, with particular reference to the relationships with the Italian Telecom Authority and the Ministry of Communications.

DDPV provides legal services to national and international entities in respect of regulatory aspects and in the negotiation and drafting of contracts in the media, entertainment and telecommunications sector.

Multilevel marketing

DDPV has an extensive experience in assisting multilevel marketing undertakings in entering into one or more EU member states in the main following areas: products registration and labelling, compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations, and warehouse agreements.

Privacy and Data Protection

DDPV has extensive knowledge and expertise in privacy and data information protection and assists clients mainly in the evaluation of compliance of specific activities involving the handling of personal and sensitive data with applicable laws and regulations.

DDPV offers compliance programs, which take into consideration the peculiarities of business and data management of its clients.

Real Estate

DDVP offers advice to its clients on all legal aspects concerning real estate transactions (as regards both construction and exploitation of real property), with particular reference to:

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning) contracts;
  • zoning and town-planning regulations;
  • negotiation and drafting of sale, lease and leasing agreements.

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